“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Marc Anthony

I love being a designer. It doesn’t really feel like work when you have so much passion for what you create. It’s not a 9-5 for me, it’s my life.

My most recent role was that of a design lead (art director). That covers, art direction, email design (exploring Kinetic emails), motion graphics, UI/visual design and more. The list keeps on growing and that is the reason I love this area of design so much. It’s constantly evolving.

However I am also a dab hand in other areas. I come from a print background originally.

I get a great feeling from trying out something I have not tried before. I don’t just stick to one discipline or skills set. If I don’t know something and want to try it, I go out and learn it. I do this to push my design abilities into new areas. It is a good way to evolve as a designer.

Clients I have worked with include Sky, Now TV, RyanAir, AirFrance, LexisNexis, B&Q, MoneySuperMarket, Wimbledon, Moto GP plus many more.

You can download my CV via the following link

Phone 07716692272 or email mark@mb-creative.net