Sky Active Block email

The email layout is part of a bigger brief. I was tasked with redesigning the look of the emails that Sky send out. It has been mentioned that some members of senior management find them boring, dull, too long and also that people don’t scroll down. There are 2 other emails on my page in the Sky Winback email that are part of this brief.  What I first looked at was how it can be designed in a way that is going to make a user open it and read it. So I decided tv/film or sport content is the way to go. Show a consumer what it is they are getting from the service they are paying for.

Many of the emails that Sky send out contain hardware. Hardware is not a sexy thing to see on an email. Content is king. This what people are paying to watch. So show it. No matter what the subject matter is. In the case of this email, Active Block, which is about managing your debt with Sky, it isn’t the most interesting subject. So working with copy, we decided to use content to sell the email into people. Shorten the copy to 2 or 3 lines per section. At the moment Sky put paragraph after paragraph of text into their emails. It needs to grab people, keep it punchy but give customers/potential customers something that is going to engage with them.

It is currently in a test phase and hopefully I can update this section soon with how it performs.