Sky Winback emails

Version 1 Content email

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Version 2 Kinectic email

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These emails layout is part of a bigger brief. I was tasked with redesigning the look of the emails that Sky send out. It has been mentioned that some members of senior management find them boring, dull, too long and also that people don’t scroll down. There is another email design on my page under Sky Active Block that is also part of this brief.  What I first looked at was how it can be designed in a way that is going to make a user open it and read it. So I decided tv/film or sport content is the way to go. Show a consumer what it is they are getting from the service they are paying for.

Many of the emails that Sky send out contain hardware. Hardware is not a sexy thing to see on an email. Content is king. This what people are paying to watch. So show it. No matter what the subject matter is. In the case of the first content email, I wanted to really show off content in a striking way. Make it almost full bleed but also within a container that would push viewers to scroll down through the email. Working with copy, we wanted to keep the copy short and too the point. the find out more CTA’s are on the page for a reason. You do not have to show too much copy on an email. The landing page they link too can go into more depth.

The second email was designed to  try and keep all the important information above the fold as much as possible. So working with the dev team, we came up with an interactive way of doing this. The copy is even shorter but the content an alternative version of the first email. So we went with a Kinetic email and what is called an accordion. It is very simple and has a little pointer to where you need to click. This design works old all IOS platforms and on older Android. There is a backup alternative as this design will not work on PC outlook. So if you open the link in Safari you can see the backup design as well.

This design is something completely new for Sky and has gone down very well. It is currently in a test phase and hopefully I can update this section soon with how it performs.