Sky FAFE showreel

This animation came about when I was working on the Friend & Family campaign for Sky. FAFE is an internal campaign that allows a Sky employee to recommend a friend or family member to Sky and they can sign up at a discounted rate. There is also a reward for the staff member that does so. This brief covers digital screens, print designs, banners for the internal site and more.

Once the brief was over, the stakeholders and senior management were so impressed they asked us to put together a Power Point (YAWN!) to show how the work has evolved prior to us working on it to where it has come to now. Now, Power Point is no friend of mine. So I suggested that we could do something a bit more fun and engaging. I mean who wants to look at 30 slides of static work? NOT ME SISTER! So I suggested an animation.

We were given all of the assets that they wanted to show and a rough storyboard was put together but we only had 2 weeks so we needed to crack on with it. It was really just making it so the work was shown off in the best way possible and obviously Sky branded as it was to be shown at a marketing conference in front of 300 people.

This animation was extremely well received. So much so that Sky Works (Part of Schawk but internal at Sky) now design for Friends & Family every quarter, where as previously the work was sent to external agencies. BIG WIN 🙂